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mini sessions!

     Mini sessions are one of the best photography inventions of our time (I think, at least!!) You get the opportunity for a photo session at a smaller session fee, and usually with a pretty cool location or cute themed set-up! These sessions are great if you're wanting photos of your kiddos often during their most growth-filled years (think the timeframe between newborn to 2 years), during pregnancies (you'll likely want to capture your pregnancy announcement, gender reveal and then maternity photos), or if you're wanting cute themed holiday photos, but don't really need a full session every time- then mini sessions are you you!!

    In order to make mini sessions work, I get to be the one to pick the date, times, location & theme for the sessions! This allows me to book multiple families/couples/etc.. on the same day at a smaller session fee!
(Currently my mini sessions are $225+Sales tax!)

01- I Pick the date, time, location & theme!

02- I'll Post the available session slots

    First, I will share all available session slots with whoever has left their email below showing interest in mini sessions! After those have been available for 48 hours, I will then post all remaining sessions slots on my Instagram & Facebook accounts.

(If you're not following me already, here are my IG and FB links!)

    If you decide to book a mini session slot, you will choose your preferred date & time slot, and I will send over a contract & invoice for you to review, sign and pay your session retainer to hold your session date & time in my calendar (all electronically & SUPER user friendly!!)

03- you'll pick your session date & time and secure your spot!

how mini sessions work



    About a week or so before your session I will send over exact location info with directions & parking instructions, a reminder of when your session time is, as well as any other little information that might be helpful for you before your session!

04- it'll be mini session day before you know it!


     Here's a few examples of some mini sessions I have done in the past!


christmas in the desert

my number one favorite mini sessions to do!!

I am a Christmas FAN! I love doing these mini sessions because they are just so fun and unique and I just love them so much.
I usually do 3 days of these sessions scattered from the weekend after Thanksgiving until about a week before Christmas.

fall minis

once the weather cools off a bit in september, i love to do a day of mini sessions to kick off the family holiday photo season!

I switch up location for these, but I usually pick something green and leafy, or a cool downtown area or studio!

halloween minis

LET's do the monster mash!!

Come & show off your kiddos' or your own Halloween costume! (Because I know you probably spent WAY too long on it).

I also have been known to bring my life-sized skeleton and do couples sessions with it!!

spring   minis

these are great when the wildflowers are in season, mother's day is around the corner, or the warmer weather sparks my creativity for a fun shoot idea!

I switch up location for these, but usually try to do at least one "Mother's Day" type of session!

cap & gown minis

Grads!! This is for you!

Not everyone wants or needs a full-blown grad sesh, so this is perfect if you're wanting a few pics in your cap & gown!
Usually do these in April!

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**Please note that this is NOT an email subscription list!! You will NOT be receiving recurring emails from me about anything other than when mini sessions become available! I anticipate I'll only send 3-4 emails about mini sessions per year, so I definitely will not be blowing up your inbox!**